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The Menopause-Friendly Workplaces Awards is a partnership between The Menopause Hub and Great Places to Work to highlight organisations that are creating supportive environments for women experiencing menopause.


Our Mission

Our mission is to smash the taboo surrounding menopause for women personally and professionally. We want to make menopause mainstream.

Why? Because our research tells us that:

  •  1 in 10 women leave work due to symptoms 

  • 4 in 10 women consider leaving work 

  • 80% say that their perfotmance is negatively affected 

  • 40% take time off work due to symptom


Not only do employers risk losing highly experienced talent, they are at legislative risk on the grounds of gender, age and disability discrimination. 

Many employers have already implemented best practice menopause friendly programmes , which include; awareness, education and training for all collegaues / supervisors and managers, HR and Menopause Champions. And have introduced a menopause policy.


Our Vision

The Menopause Hub and Great Places to Work want every woman that experiences menopause in the workplace to feel comfortable and supported by their colleagues, managers, supervisors and HR.


We want managers and supervisors to be confident and informed in having sensitive menopause discussions with their team.


And we want colleagues to feel knowleddgeable and empathetic to those impacted by menopause in their workplace. 

Finally we want every workplace to appoint Menopause Champions and to introduce a menopause policy.

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