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Awards  2024 - Submit Your Entry 

The awards are open to any organisation, large or small, public or private, for profit and not-for profit.

Enter now and tell us how you meet the criteria of being menopause friendly . 


CLOSING DATES FOR ENTRIES - Wednesday, 31st July 2024

Awards Criteria 

Menopause in the Workplace Communication

  • What are the distinctive ways that information about menopause is shared in your organisation

  • How do you reach all employees?

  • How often do you communicate

  • How do you maintain ongoing communication

  • What methods are available for employees to communicate with management/the organisation?

Menopause in the Workplace Education 


  • What opportunities does your organisation provide to drive awareness and understanding of menopause?

  • Is there a clear commitment and strategy behind the approach?

  • Do all employees have access?

Menopause in the Workplace Support


  • What special or unique benefits or reasonable adjustments do you offer to support employees impacted by menopause? (e.g. flexible working, room temperature control, access to rest areas?

  • Do you have existing programmes that help people balance their work and personal life?

  • Do you have any formal and/or informal programmes to support employees?

  • Do you have a menopause policy?

Menopause in the Workplace Impact


  • How do you measure the impact of your menopause programme? 

  • How do you know that your programme is being embedded in your organisation's culture?

  • What communications and reporting mechanisms do you use?

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